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Download TurboC for Windows


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Many of the Universities/Colleges still use the very old TurboC C Compiler for the execution of C Programs. We have been writing Programs and now its the time how to execute those programs. We can execute C Programs by downloading a variety of applications like TurboC, DevC++.

Download TurboC

TurboC is the one of the oldest C programming compilers which was first introduced in 1987. Later in 1990 TurboC was replaced by TurboC++ and then in 2006 by Turbo. You can compile a C Program by pressing the combination of a ALT + F9. You can compile the Program by pressing the combination of CTRL + F9.

How to install TurboC?
#1. Download this file.
#2. Paste the file in the C:/ directory.
#3. Extract the files and double click on TC.exe file.
#4. Then a folder named TC will be created.
#5. You are done. Start Programming, by reaching the Path: C:/TC/bin/TC.exe.

But there is a disadvantage with TurboC, you cannot run the compiler in full screen mode in Windows 7 / Vista. You will need an alternative for this. So DevC++ comes to the rescue here.

Download and Install DevC++

#1. You can download DevC++ here.
#2. The installation process is straight forward, Just double click on the setup file.
#3. Proceed to further steps and your installation is done.
#4. You’ll see the UI like this:
#5. You can execute the programs by pressing F9. If there are no errors, the program gets executed else they are shown in the compiler tab.

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