Written by Siddartha Thota on April 13, 2013 in Networking

Cisco Packet Tracer Basics [Best Tutorials]


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If you are searching for best and basic Cisco Packet Tracer Tutorials online, then this is going to be the one stop post for you!

cisco packet tracer tutorialsThe Other day, I was assigned with an assignment by our Newtwork Professor and I wasn’t aware of what exactly is going on and how am I supposed to finish it, as I was completely confused with the terms like Default Gateway, Subnetting, Broadcast Address, DNS Servers, Switches, Hubs, Routers, and what not, everything looked pretty miserable. I decided that I have to work it out somehow and I called few of my friends to get done it by means of combined study, but somehow it didn’t work-out well for me and I was completely broken, not knowing what to do, as the pressure creeping on me like hell as I thought I was wasting too much time and I got to learn it as early as I can. I’ve started going through the materials and everything looked cluttered as none of them answered my questions. I got to search for references online and many other stuff for each and every topic individually and luckily, a Youtube Channel which is based on Cisco Packet Tracer configuration tutorials answered each and every question that I have.

So, I thought of sharing those videos, in order to help you out with it and save your valuable time. I must thank dancourses Channel for helping me out by providing such a wonderful video series.

Hope you enjoyed my share on best Cisco Packet Tracer Tutorials and stay tuned for more exciting stuff.

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NJ August 23, 2013 at 7:05 pm

good work bro..
helped me a lot..


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