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How to Create Database with phpMyAdmin


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In this tutorial we will be learning How to create Database with phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle MySQL databases. You can know more about it here. You can easily create/manage databases using phpMyAdmin.

How to Create Database with phpMyAdmin

#0. First you will need phpMyAdmin. I am using XAMPPLite for Windows which will install all the essential applications needed for MySQL and PHP.
#1. First you need to Start MySQL Service and by click on Admin button you can launch phpMyAdmin web page or you can access it directly at: http://localhost/phpmyadmin, but you will need to start MySQL service first.
#2. Under MySQL localhost you need to enter Database name and leave all other options with default values.
#3. Your Database is now created and you need to Create a table by enter Database Name and Number of Fields.
#4. Fill all the Fields with their Names, their Data types and Collation (The collation determines how MySQL should compare strings).
#5. Your MySQL Database is created and is now ready to use. You can also refer to the video tutorial below.

How to Create Database with phpMyAdmin Video Tutorial

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