I’ve received an email from one of our reader, he has requested for a tutorial on Simple Pagination using PHP. If you have a website with large amount of data, for instance some 100 rows of tabular data. It will be quite painful for the user, if all the 100 rows of data is being […]

When you have a user registration form, you need to prevent duplicate usernames. In this tutorial we will be providing a sample code for Checking username availability using PHP and jQuery. As two users cannot have the same username, during registration process of the user we need check whether the requested username is available or […]

Lock a Record to prevent Modification by other users PHP

November 3, 2013

When two users try to edit or modify the same record, it results inconsistent data . To get rid of inconsistent data we need to grant access of a record to only one user. If you are a WordPress user, You would have came across an alert box that “User is currently editing this Post.” […]

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Extract leftmost characters until a space using PHP

Thumbnail image for Extract leftmost characters until a space using PHP September 28, 2013

This is our first article in PHP programming category. PHP is a general purpose programming language useful for Web development, PHP stands for Hypertext Preproccessor. Most popular websites are written in PHP including WordPress. In this article we will be learning How to extract leftmost characters until a space using PHP. For instance, if we […]

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