If $scope is said to be the glue between the Controller and the View, and the Controllers are considered as main place where the application functionality exists, so how do the controllers communicate and share the data among themselves. We’ll be giving you a good idea in this article on How the Controllers in AngularJS […]

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to develop a simple Search Filter in AngularJS by using JSON data. Our previous post is about Creating Grid-View in AngularJS by using ng-grid, and you can consider it as an extension. Now, we are going to filter the required results in our grid. This is […]

How to Create a Grid-view using AngularJs [ng-grid]?

August 29, 2014

Its our first article on AngularJS in which we are going to design a basic Grid-view, so I’d like to keep everything straight forward and will try to provide as much explanation as possible in order to make sure that you guys understand everything. Learning how to create a grid functionality is one of the […]

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